HUTCHISON 3G: WHAM x Qwerk Creative

                                                       has been involved with various installations for client WHAM and their mobile phone brand 3.


Working with lead construction company Qwerk Creative Constructions Ltd, we fabricated the various interior design themes throughout their different company UK office locations in London and Glasgow, Irish head office in Dublin.


Here you'll see many examples of our work over a 2 year running contract - featuring various office interiors, events, branding, orientation systems, bespoke promotions, music, festivals and live gigs, give-aways, customised productions, etc.


Highlights include 8m banner graphics, bespoke christmas decorations, customised cookie-cutters, wall-mounted modern display cases, interchangeable 3D timelines, CNC cut astroturf, Bathbombs with branded labels, Sculpted Pacman characters, Fabricated custom furniture!

More information on the collaborators please click on the logos:

An interesting aspect of this project is the direct and indirect effect of creating an EXCITING AND INSPIRING WORKING ENVIRONMENT.


Original aims of the campaign were to respresent their current promotion at their head offices, and to create an innovative office environment such as made famous by Google, California. 


Each month we were briefed on their latest promotion (usually an online game, international sporting event, or digital music) and looked at how we could use the location specifics to brand the space not only with the promotion, but the company identity.

The DIRECT goal of this action was to impress visiting business clients.


The INDIRECT result was that staff at the offices were energised and enthusiastic on their arrival each month. This was conveyed in their working attitudes and contact with clients and customers. They felt proud to work in a forward-thinking company, and looked forward to the next transpormation positively.

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